Zucca Planter



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Made for plants with plant based materials, each and every Zucca planter is 3D printed to order in San Luis Obispo, California.

The Ponderose planter ecosystem is also designed with plant health in mind. Among the most common reasons house plants die is poor drainage. Transplanting into pretty pots with poor drainage can too often be a death sentence by root rot. This is why the 3D printed shell is only intended to do what it does best - provide elegant aesthetics and good vibes. The abundant drainage holes, inevitable mineral build-ups and ugly water tray are left to tried and true, nursery-grade grow pots and trays; both of which are fully concealed inside the 3D printed shell. Functional meets beautiful, and your plants will never be happier!

What You'll Get

The Zucca planter includes (1) 3D printed Zucca pattern planter shell, (1) perfect-fit, high-drainage 4" Azalea grow pot, and (1) deep water tray.


5.5" diameter x 4" height




The design process for this planter began with inspiration from spirals, helixes and the Fibonacci Sequence. The end product sort of looks like a modern twist on a pumpkin, so we decided to call it "Zucca", which means pumpkin in Italian. The Zucca Planter by Ponderose Design is eye catching, robust and the perfect complement to your favorite house plant.