Shroom Pendant Lamp


Pendant Cord
Light Bulb

Inspired by our favorite fungi friends, the shroom lamp will light up your space with a uniquely organic pattern.

Designed and 3D printed in San Luis Obispo, California 

LED lightbulbs required / intended for indoor use only

What You'll Get

The lamps come with the option of a high-quality, 12ft braided fabric cord featuring a standard E26 socket and built-in dimmer switch. You also have the option to add a Feit Electric dimmable LED lightbulb (9W, 800 Lumen) with a color temperature of 2100K.


The lamp shade dimensions are 170mm x 112mm, or 6.7 inches tall by 4.4 inches in diameter. The lamp shade opening is 1.65 inches


White PETG


The Shroom lamp mimics the gill patterns that are visible underneath the fruiting bodies of mushrooms.