Interference Pendant Lamp


Pendant Cord
Light Bulb

Introducing the Interference Pendant Lamp, where a dazzling dance of interwoven sine and cosine waves coalesce to break the matrix. Depending on your angle of viewing, the Interference Lamp bends light into a myriad of entrancing patterns, all of which promote good vibes.

Designed and 3D printed in San Luis Obispo, California 

LED lightbulbs required / intended for indoor use only

Please reach out with if you have any questions or special requests. We are happy to accommodate custom orders!

What You'll Get

This lampshade comes with the option to add a high-quality, 12ft braided fabric cord featuring a standard E26 socket and built-in dimmer switch. It also comes with the option to add on a Feit Electric dimmable LED lightbulb (9W) with a color temperature of 2100K.


8 inches tall by 8 inches in diameter. The lamp shade opening is 1.65 inches.


Sourced from a small town in France, this filament is made by fermenting plant starch into polymerized strands of PLA. The ethereal colors are developed by combining the PLA with seashells sourced from local restaurants, which are washed and dried in a bucolic barn nestled in the Normandy countryside. Our current pigment options for the Interference pendant include Scallop Shell and Mussel Shell.


Born out of an appreciation for quantum mechanics, the Interference Lamp pays homage to the mind-bending reality of particle-wave dualities and their associated interference patterns. In 1804, Thomas Young pioneered the double slit experiment that revolutionized our understanding of light as a wave. In 1961, Claus Jönsson changed the world again by extending the experiment to single electrons, offering further validation to the 1924 PhD thesis of Louis de Broglie, who bravely postulated that all matter was subject to wave fields.

In a nutshell, double slit experiments create fantastical 3D patterns that communicate a fundamental truth about our universe. Our lampshades are a humble nod to the shoulders of the intellectual giants we stand on.