Honeycube Desk Lamp


light bulb

The Honeycube Desk Lamp elevates illumination while offering a subtle optical illusion on closer inspection.

Designed and 3D printed in San Luis Obispo, California 

LED lightbulbs required / intended for indoor use only

Please reach out with if you have any questions or special requests. We are happy to accommodate custom orders!

What You'll Get

This lamp integrates a high-quality, 12ft braided fabric cord featuring a standard E26 socket and built-in dimmer switch, and a Feit Electric dimmable LED lightbulb (9W) with a color temperature of 2100K.


The lamp shade dimensions are 200mm x 200mm or about 7.9 inches (tall) by 7.9 inches (diameter)




Inspired by honeycomb and rhombille tiling patterns, Ponderose pops this elegant hexagonal geometry into 3D dimensions and uses shadows and light to create a beautifully complex lampshade.

The honeycomb pattern is a result of millions of years of evolution, where bees have optimized their hive structure for efficiency, strength, and space utilization. Each cell shares walls with adjacent cells, creating a strong, interconnected structure. Now we can enjoy it's beauty in the form of a glowing lampshade.